Health Drink: Jeera Water with multiple health benefits

Have you ever tried Jeera water? I was looking for a drink which can help with indigestion issues and of course easy to prepare. I came across so many drinks like lemon & honey or lemon water with black salt but I can’t have just lemon water without sugar and if I add sugar, all the goodness of drink will be lost. Then I read about Jeera water, also one of my friend used to bring it daily to office, and when I checked the benefits of Jeera itself, I become sure of finding best solution for drink I was looking. It was a perfect fit.

So let’s start with Jeera first, Jeera/cumin seeds are used as tempering for so many daily recipes in our India. The ingredient which has so many health benefits is mostly known for it’s use in tadka.

Jeera has many medical benefits and used as a home remedy to cure digestion problems like Gas and indigestion. Jeera is also know for boosting digestion, strengthen immunity, regulating blood pressure etc… So of course when we drink Jeera water all the goodness will be doubled as it will support your daily water intake too.

First let me explain how to prepare Jeera water.



  • Jeera / Cumin Seeds (2 tbsp)
  • Water (1 liter)
  • Lemon (1 tbsp/as per your taste – if you like it)
  • Cinnamon powder (1 tsp – if you like it)

Soak two tbsp Jeera in 1 litre water overnight. In the morning boil Jeera soaked water and after boiling it for few minute, switch off the gas and let it cool. *Tip: You can have warm Jeera water in the morning, empty stomach to start your day or you can store it in a bottle and drink it throughout the day. You can also add Lemon juice to get added benefits of lemon. If you like the taste of cinnamon, you can add cinnamon powder which is also very good option for weight loss and helps digestion.


  • Roasted Jeera / Cumin powder (2 tbsp/as per your taste)
  • Curd (1 cup)
  • Water (to make buttermilk)
  • Black Salt
  • Mint & Coriander leaves
  • Little Green chillies / Ginger (If you like it)

Also if you can’t manage having Jeera water daily, you can have buttermilk with Roasted Jeera powder not only it enhances taste of buttermilk it helps in digestion too. Just Grind all the things in grinder or just beat the curd add all other ingredients and garnish with Mint & coriander leaves. Your masala chaas is ready. Drink it while having your lunch or after lunch you will get dual benefits of Jeera and Curd.

Benefits drinking Jeera Water

  1. Promotes Digestion / Boosts Digestion: In Human body salivary glands has important role in digestion. The aroma present in Jeera helps activate the salivary glands and helps in digestion or you can say boosts your digestion and helps you deal with indigestion.
  2. Treats morning sickness & nausea in pregnant women: Not only it helps in digestion, it clears toxins from your body and helps you treat various stomach related issues like acidity, gas, morning sickness and nausea. Also Jeera water facilitates milk secretion from the mammary glands and promotes lactation.
  3. Increases metabolism and helps burning fat: Jeera water is said to increase metabolism and help reducing / burning fat which helps loosing weight.
  4. Works as immunity booster: Jeera seeds are rich in vitamins like vitamin A and vitamin C which are good antioxidants that prevents damage caused by toxins & free radicals. So Jeera water is a good immunity booster.
  5. It regulates blood pressure: Jeera seeds are high in potassium content which balance outs the negative effects of salt and regulates blood pressure.
  6. Reduces LDL cholesterol (Bad cholesterol): Jeera water increases digestive enzymes and reduces bloating. Jeera water not only reduces the bad cholesterol but also increases the good cholesterol.
  7. Treats Anaemia: Jeera seeds are also high source of iron which is helpful in treating iron deficiency and cures Anaemia.
  8. Healthy Skin: When your internal system is all toxin free and your stomach issues are solved you are bound to get healthy and shining skin.
  9. It is also said that Jeera improves sleep quality and helps increasing memory.

So there are lots many benefits of drinking Jeera water and of course it is very easy to prepare. Also if you are worried about taste, don’t worry it tastes good and if you create a habit you will start liking the taste. Important thing is we are habitual of drinking tea or coffee first thing in the morning which is really a bad habit. One must drink hot water, lemon water or Jeera water first thing in the morning and you will surely get benefited.

Just sip your cup full of Jeera water in the morning or carry it in a bottle to sip throughout day. It is going to help you get the good skin, healthy tummy and weight loss too… So easy and so useful thing, don’t forget to try yourself and let me know how it helped you in comments below.

Eat healthy & live healthy. Be happy always!! 🙂

Thanks for going through my blog, happy to have you.

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