Besan Pithla Jhunka

Traditional Maharashtrian food Jhunka Bhakri/ Pithala Bhakri

Have you ever tried Jhunka Bhakri / Pithala Bhakri ? Yes or No be the answer, you are going to love this simple yet tasteful and of course wholesome food. Best part is, it gets ready in no time and requires minimal ingredients. Sounds amazing no? let’s start than.

Oh yes. important part it is made with chickpea flour, so healthy option for you. It has more protein than other flours, rich in vitamins and minerals, packed with fiber, has less calories.. oh my god. Loaded with all the good things. I cooked Jowar Bhakri, to complement and double health benefits, to go with Pithala.

Ingredients :

  • Chickpea Flour / Besan (1 Cups)
  • Jeera (for tempering)
  • Mustard seeds (for tempering)
  • Hing (for tempering)
  • Oil  (1 tbsp for tempering)
  • Onion (1 medium onion)
  • Garlic (4/5 cloves)
  • Green chilies (1/2 as per your taste)
  • Turmeric (1 tsp)
  • Red chili Powder ( 1 tsp)
  • Salt (1/2 tsp)
  • Water (as required)
  • Coriander leaves (for garnishing)


First heat the pan and add oil into it. Once oil is hot, add must mustard seeds. Let them pop and add Jeera to it. Add pinch of asafoetida or hing. Add chopped onions and let them cook till transparent.

I have chopped and added one small cherry tomato as well, just because it was grown at home and I wanted use that cute one in my recipe.

Till the onions are cooking, let’s prepare besan paste.

Take 4/5 cloves of garlic and 1/2 chilies as per your taste. Make paste in Mortar & pestle.

Tips: Add pinch of salt to stop chilies & garlic popping out of mortar.

Take mixing bowl and add besan / chickpea flour. Now add turmeric, red chili powder & salt as per taste. Add the garlic & chilies paste to it. Now add water to make runny consistency.

Tips: You need to add lots of water to make runny consistency. As the mixture is going to thicken up once we start cooking it. I made a mistake and got little sabji like texture. when you are planning to eat it with Bhakri or Rice, you need to have little liquid kind of consistency.

Now when you onions are ready and transparent in color, add this besan paste to it. and stir it continuously. Add water if you feel, it is getting thicker than required.

Keep stirring with medium flame, for like 4/5 minutes. Now once you feel it has cooked a little, cover with lid and let it cooked for a while. Your tasty and awesome Jhunka or Pithala is ready. Serve it hot with roti or rice. Have some curd with it, you are going to love the combination. You can have Rice / Jowar flour bhakri with Pithala.

Try this recipe and share whether you liked it or not. I am sure, you are going to love it.

If if you ever get a chance to go to beautiful hill stations near mumbai / pune and you see small kitchens serving jhunka bhakri / pithala bhakri, do give it a try. That too in rainy or winter season it will be yummiest ever. Authentic, simple & healthiest Maharashtrian food.

Do try this recipe and let me know experience in comments below. As I always say shower your love with likes & comments. Also you can request any complex recipes you want me to try and make it simple.

Eat healthy & live healthy. Be happy always!! 🙂

Thanks for going through my blog, happy to have you.

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