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About Critaa Jindal

Hi! I am Critaa Pradhan Jindal and my blog is about cooking food with easy steps & that too with everyday ingredients. I am learning and trying to help others who are looking for easy recipes. Happy cooking people!.

I am working in IT company and living life full of stress & always on the run which resulted in eating outside food & compromising with health. This happens with all the working people around world and they end up developing unhealthy eating habits.

When out of frustration I started trying to cook food at home, I realized there are options & believe me plenty of options available to rescue you. You need not to be pro / expert in cooking just add few small changes in your routine and you can save yourself from the outside food.

Not that I am against outside food totally, just getting easy options to eat food at home won’t hurt, right?

Now you must be thinking, who is she to teach us recipes? does she have any degree / certification? How can we trust her recipes? Hmm i know when there are millions of professional cooks available why to check some learning in process tagged home cook, but trust me home cook are the one who do not have certification but have everyday experience. Whichever recipes I will be posting here, will be hundred percent tried & tasted. I try, I fail and I make changes and I learn and that is the best way!!

Cooking is an art but does not require masters degree to get hold of. Just try with me and we can at least try making our life more healthier with homecooked food, what say? Trust me, I was the person avoided going into the kitchen for most years of my life still if I can learn than why not you? Just everyday & easy to get ingredients and easy steps, we are all set!!

Hence it is proved, you don’t need fancy ingredients (which even you can’t pronounce), complex & lengthy recipes (which are difficult to follow / remember), and fully equipped kitchen. Nopes, you just need a little bit of love for food and strength to take risks. Ready? All set? Love for food check, hunger to learn check, stomach is looking for food check, what are you waiting for then? Let’s get started 🙂

*Tip: Don’t forget to show your love if you like my recipes… Post you comments / suggestions / recommendations all of that which will be really helpful to me in my learning process.

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