Creamy and cheesy white sauce pasta recipe

Pasta is staple food of Italian cuisine but you know what according to some believes it was bought to Italy from china. Kind of coming from Asian noodles recipe. Interesting isn’t it? Pasta generally are of two types, one is dried pasta and the other one is fresh pasta. Generally in Italian cuisine pasta dough is made with wheat flour and eggs. There are various types of pasta available in the market. There are said to be 350 varieties of pasta available throughout glob.

We generally use dried pasta and make dishes using different sauces. Who doesn’t like pasta. Some people love red sauce pasta and some love white sauce pasta. Everyone loves it. So here it is creamy white sauce pasta recipe.


  • Pasta (1 cup)
  • Oil (1 tsp to boil pasta)
  • Pinch of salt (to boil pasta)
  • Vegetables
    • Carrots (1 small chopped)
    • Onions (1 small chopped)
    • Baby corns (2/3 chopped)
    • Capsicum (1 small chopped) You can use different color capsicum also
    • French beans (3/4 chopped)
  • Olive oil (1 tbsp)
  • Garlic (4/5 cloves chopped)
  • Butter (2 tbsp)
  • Cheese (2 slices) I have used slice one you can use any cheese of your choice
  • Milk (1 cup)
  • Maida / all purpose flour (4 tsp)
  • Chili flakes as per taste
  • Pasta seasoning as per taste
  • Salt as per taste


Take pan and put it on the gas. Switch on the gas and add water to pan. Add pinch of salt and oil to it. Let it boil. Once it started boiling add pasta to it. Now let it cook for minutes mentioned on the pasta packet. Generally it takes 10/12 minutes to get cooked. We don’t want to over cook it, just when we break it with spoon it should break without any effort.

Now take a pan and add oil to it. Switch on the gas and let it heat a little. Once hot enough, add garlic to it. Sauté a little and add chopped onions to it. Let the onions get cooked and become transparent in color. Now add chopped vegetables to it and cover the lid. Let them cook for 2/3 minutes. We want to keep the vegetables crunchy. Now take them out of the pan and keep them aside.

Now take a new pan again and switch on the gas flame. Add butter to pan and let it melt. Now add maida / all purpose flour to it. Mix it well so that lumps won’t be formed. Once it is cooked a little and changes color to little, add milk to it. Mix all again properly so that we will get the creamy texture. Slowly it will start thickening so keep string it. If you feel consistency is not as wanted then add milk to it to make it little liquid. Now add salt, red chili flakes and seasoning as per taste to it. Mix them well.

Now add sautéed vegetables to it and mix them well. Add boiled pasta to it and mix it again. Now add cheese slices to it and cover lid. Let the cheese melt and then mix them all nicely.

Your cheesy and creamy pasta is ready!!

Garnish it with grated cheese on top. Also as it gets cold it started thickening so serve it hot. You can serve garlic bread with this or use this recipe as salad recipe by reducing the serving portion.

Do try this recipe and let me know how was your experience. As I always say shower your love with likes & comments. Also you can request any complex recipes you want me to try and make it simple.

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Garlic Bread

Quick Starter recipe of Cheese Garlic Bread without oven

Today’s recipe is Cheese Garlic bread…Not so healthy option but surely is a treat for taste buds and when you make it at home it is always better eating option.

You must have gone through different garlic bread recipes but this one is different cause you know my recipes are simple and do not require difficult ingredients or equipment. I haven’t prepared it with oven / OTG, simple pan works fine. So without further discussion let’s start our delicious recipe.


  • Bread (7-8 bread slices, i have taken wheat bread, you can use multigrain / white bread too. Ideally people use French bread but i like to make from whatever is available at home so bear me.)
  • Butter (2-3 tbsp, Salted /unsalted both works, if you like a little saltier taste go for salted one)
  • Garlic cloves (5-6 medium sized cloves, again depends on how garlic loaded you want you bread to be)
  • Cheese (mozzarella /processed cheese, i have used pizza cheese, as i mentioned earlier i like to prepare with which ingredients available 🙂 )
  • Capsicum (Red/Green/yellow bell peppers, i love how colourful dish it turns out. *Tip: As they say, “Eat the rainbow”, eat all the colourful vegetables & fruits. They have their own set of health benefits. I will blog about it in future. )
  • Corn (Sweet golden corns – who doesn’t love them)
  • Herbs & Red chilli flakes (As per your taste)


First melt butter in oven. Oops, there is no oven. No worries take out your tadka pan and use it.

Take Garlic cloves and grate them or make thin paste. Now add them to the melted butter.

Spread the mixture on the bread and add toppings of capsicum and corn on it. Now grate cheese on it.

Now heat your pan or you can use tawa too, just you need is to cover it with lid.

Brush some butter on the pan/tawa and transfer the bread slices to it. Now cover the lid and let it cook for at least 4-5 minutes and your cheesy garlic bread is ready to serve.

Serve it by sprinkling some herbs & red chilli flakes or enjoy without it. You can serve tomato ketchup to go with it but we prefer having it plain and cheesy.

Kids will love this recipe and it can be also served as starter for you kitty parties. very easy, prepared in less time – like it hardly takes 20 minutes to get all things done, if you are making it at home always healthy option then having it/order it from outside.

Do try this recipe and let me know if any special things you like to add into this recipe. As I always say shower your love with likes & comments. Also you can request any complex recipes you want me to try and make it simple.

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Domino style Cheese Burst Pizza without oven

Who doesn’t like pizza that too with loads of cheese… cheese burst. Just yummy isn’t it? Then let’s order it… oh no not outside food 😦

Hmm… let’s make it at home but pizza needs oven to bake and i have never in my life backed anything… There are different cheese available in market how i am going to choose right one for my pizza. So many question but stop worrying and start smiling as here i am gonna share my easy to make cheese burst recipe that too without oven. Sounds interesting then why to wait, let’s start 🙂


For Pizza Base:

  • All purpose flour (1 cup) [You can use wheat flour too – healthy version]
  • Salt (1 tsp)
  • Sugar (1 tsp)
  • Baking Soda (1/2 tsp)
  • Baking Powder (1 tsp)
  • Curd (3-4 tbsp)

For Pizza Sauce:

  • Tomato Sauce (1 tbsp)
  • Red Chilli Sauce (1 tbsp)
  • Schezwan Sauce (1 tbsp)
  • Pizza Sauce (1 tbsp)

For Pizza Toppings:

Any topping of your choice like Capsicum (use colourful ones), onion, corn, olives, paneer cubes


Toppings: Cut all the vegetables and keep aside

Pizza Dough: Add all pizza base ingredients and knead soft dough, don’t forget to beat the dough enough to get better result with pizza base.

There are two steps to follow for making cheese burst pizza. First make three portions out of dough.

Take one portion and roll a chapati out of it. Heat tawa and bake chapati on it till small bubbles form it. Just a little, do not over bake it.

Take two portions and combine dough & roll chapati out of it. *Tip: Bigger portion chapati must be bigger then the one portion chapati.

Now take the bigger chapati, prick the chapati with fork and spread cheese over it. *Tip: Use cheese spread instead of grated cheese to reduce the cooking time, result will be same & awesome instead.

Till the time we make other base preparation, take one kadai, fill it with 250 gm salt (I have used chocolate flavored salt, kidding after multiple use your salt is going to look same as mine), cover it with lead and keep it on high flame to preheat process. So when we prepare our base, preheat process will be completed side by side.

Cover with small chapati, fold bigger one, seal it and prick the chapati with fork. Now spread sauces of your choice as pizza sauce. You can use homemade pizza sauce also. *Tip: User all the mentioned sauces to get best result.

Spread loads of cheese on it. *Tip: Use Mozzarella & Cheddar cheese mixed to get melted cheese look like restaurant one. You can also use ready made pizza cheese available in the market.

Add topping of your choice and again spread grated cheese on top of it. Sprinkle some Herbs (red chilli flakes & Oregano). Brush the sides of pizza base with olive oil or melted butter. *Tip: you can use regular oil too.

Now carefully open the preheat kadai and transfer your pizza to it. *Tip: Use separator / stand to keep distance between pizza & salt in kadai.

Bake for12-15 minutes and your yummiest cheese pizza is ready to serve. *Tip: check the cheese on top if it is melted properly to check, it is ready to serve or not.

Thanks for going through my recipe & if you follow it and prepare pizza do share pictures of it. I would love to check your comments & pics.

P.S. I know images are not that good but just for the reference purpose.

Do try this recipe and let me know experience in comments below. As I always say shower your love with likes & comments. Also you can request any complex recipes you want me to try and make it simple.

Eat healthy & live healthy. Be happy always!! 🙂

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